Well, the version for linux is back up (see what I did here;)) again. Since I released the first version it had been a pain in the ass. Not working at all for 2 versions I finally managed to get things right this time. At least some. Thanks to some avid linux users, which will be mentioned somewhere in v4, the program will now start and work as it should, with some small troubles along the way. It’s slower then it should be, the copy dialog has no text at all and it seems it has a very big problem with KDE4. In other words: It seems that it doesn’t work at all at this moment.

As I stated in the first sentence: You can download version 3.4 from the TreasureChest website and try it out yourself. I won’t spent any more work into the v3 branch so please be patient and wait for the next version which will be based on everything I’ve done until know and (hopefully) bring a more stable support for linux.