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Open, Edit & Save NBT Files on Mac OS X

About this project
I wrote NEINedit because I was coding a class to read the NBT format. Since I had to read & write stuff with that class to test its function I wrote this small editor. Let’s hope this will help someone.

Development status: Ended.


NEINedit for Mac

NEINedit for Mac

System requirements

  • Mac: Intel or PowerPC Processor with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Removed due to a lot of bugs.

Current Features

  • Read & Write NBT Files (.nbt, .dat, .dat_old)
  • Display the whole thing (with TAG infos for every entry)
  • Change values for: Byte, Short, Int, Long, Float, Double & String

Open up the DMG and drag the application into your application folder.



0.3 beta
# Initial (public) release


  1. I don’t get this. If I have changed my players position with the program, how do I save it so it works? If I just save it like “world 4.DAT”, nothing happens in the game.

  2. Hmph. I can change the values no problem, but it doesn’t save them in my world.dat file. =( Hulp pl0x.

  3. Ignore that. NEINedit isn’t saving my changes to level.dat, so I can change the values and save those values, but the program isn’t saving them to level.dat

  4. I was getting the same problem, with saving not making a difference to the file, but it’s easily solved by saving under a different name, then renaming it to level.dat replacing the original. Hope that helps someone.

  5. How do you change the game mode because I read in another forum that you can change the game mode

  6. HELP! I don’t know how to change the creative game type to
    survival game type. PLEASE RESPOND!!!

  7. Kevner- thanks so much for your help- I’m a professional engineer, and it hadn’t occurred to me to try what you suggested. It works! DUDE, CaspowCraft- Change game mode to zero and all abilities to zero, save under different name, then replace move original file from directory, rename the one you just saved with the same name as the original one, move it into the directory where the original was and you are there!

  8. Need updates, for me, this is useless.
    Auf Wiedersehen.

  9. Guys, to save the .dat file, you have to do Save As, and save it to a new file, then rename it manually.

  10. I’m trying to go from survival to creative, so I changed the gametype from 0 to 1, saved it under something different, deleted the original level.dat, and then changed the new one to level.dat, and it didn’t do anything. Help please!

  11. You simply make the modifications you want, such as changing your game to creative, go to file at the top of the screen, save as(name it whatever you want, delete your old level.dat and replace with the one you created.

  12. Yeah… I need an update. I really need to be able to add tags, and this program does not have this feature as of yet. If there is a way to do this or an update for this, please send me an email. Thanks!

  13. How do you customize your enchantments?

  14. How do you add something? I want to change a head to a specific players head. I know how, but I’m unable to :/

  15. How do you set what items you want to spawn with?

  16. This is a wonderful utility, albeit with a few problems, the first being the inability to save directly to a modified .dat file. In order to save anything, you must Save As… to a different file, then delete the original file and rename the new one to the name of the original.

  17. Found your reference to NBTedit for MAC, not NBTedit,
    and thought I would learn more about it. I am on my PC now, but will download later when on my MAC. Any info on a later version, and how to do simple edits is appreciated.
    Choos (dtjues?),
    Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch…

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