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Backup & Restore Minecraft Savegames on Mac OS X, Windows & Linux (testing)

About this project
After I got tired of copying everything by hand I looked a bit jealous over to the various windows minecraft backup solutions and decided to write my own one. For Mac of course. But since some people asked it’s also available for Windows and soon for Linux.

Development status: Ended.

Mac OS X

TreasureChest v3.2 Mac Screenshot

System requirements

  • Mac: Intel or PowerPC Processor with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • Windows: Windows 2000 or higher (XP/Vista/7)
  • Linux: x86 distribution with GTK+ 2.8 (or newer), glibc-2.4, CUPS,
  • All: Diskspace for the backups. Faster system = faster backup.

Downloads removed since this program does not work with up2date Minecraft versions!


  • Backup your savegames on Mac OS X, Windows & Linux (testing)
  • Restore your save from previous backups
  • Restore your savegame into another Worlds slot
  • Repair corrupted savegames and worlds with chunk errors
  • Delete previous backups you don’t need anymore with a click
  • Unlimited backups per world (limited only by your HDD capacity ;))
  • Universal Binary (Mac)

OSX: Open up the DMG and drag the application into your application folder.
Windows: Open the zip (with windows “extract all” or a similar program) and drag the treasure chest folder somewhere you like (and find it). How about the directory with the rest of your applications?:)
Linux: Untar & Un-gzip with your favorite GUI or Console tool. Move the folder where you find it (your home directory?). Please keep everything in the folder (especially the libs) as you got it.


Known bugs

  • After some circumstances TC lists your first world twice (fixed in v4)
  • “Backup now” Button is still usable if only a backup is found (only linux?) (fixed in v4)
  • “Check for updates” Button doesn’t work on linux
  • The copy dialog stays mostly blank on linux


v3.4 (linux only)
* Fixed some folder finding
* Fixed other bugs preventing TC to run on linux
+ Added missing libs to linux version

* Again, trying to fix that bug which prevents the app from working when only one savegame is found. Hopefully I got it right this time ...
+ Windows users now also got the update button :)

v3.2 (mac & linux only)
* Fixed a bug that kept app from working if only one savegames is present
# Changed the routine to find the folders. Should be run smoother on more systems now
+ Added update button (open the official treasurechest thread at the official minecraft forums)
+ Linux version now also available

- MD5 file verification is temporary disabled because it's slowing down the copy proecess big time. You'll be able to avtivate this in the next version if you like.

* Small bug-fixes
# Changed the GUI - Looks way better than the old one
# Changed console log
# Readme & Changelog now in HTML
+ Added/enabled savegame repair
+ Added MD5 check - Much more saver backups now but a little bit slower than before. That's the price to pay :)
+ Readme added for those who are not sure what to do

* Fixed file deletion - I really didn't notice that it didn't work at all
* Fixed a lot of stuff behind the curtain. Many things are now a bit faster, more secure or just need less code to work
* Future proofed backup engine to support LARGE savegames
# Changed the "last changed" info text into something more readable
+ Added a window to select a world to restore a backup into. Now you can, as an example, restore your backup of world1 into (the maybe empty) world5
+ Added a status text to the working window to inform you whats currently happening
+ Added a button to delete old backups you don't need anymore
+ Added a window to ask you before deleting your backup
+ Added logging to console (at least from time to time as of now)
+ Windows version now also available

# Initial release


  1. Hey, the maximum number of free downloads on your rapidshare link has been reached. Can you reset the link please?

  2. There isn’t any limit on any of those links but I’ll give out some mirrors soon.

  3. I installed the mac one, and upon start any level I can only building blocks, but W/A/S/D and space no longer work.

  4. Can’t you upload it somewhere else? I can’t download it from Rapidshare even if I reconnect my internet to get a new IP.

  5. Please give some mirrors, rapidshare has a limit to how many people can download a file for free

  6. Mirrors will be added this afternoon.

    That’s minecraft related and can’t have anything to do with TreasureChest. Sorry.

  7. Love the app! Any chance you can zip backups? I’d love to sync them to something like dropbox or similar, but because of the number of files its a bit harry.. It also seems to save on file size a bit 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Hi – First – Fantastic work – I used Drop Box at work were I use a MAC and a PC at home – The challenge for DropBox is the very small files – It takes 20 min just for 1 x 4 mb world to upload on a fast connection. (Small files is a BIG problem for DropBox) Please consider a .zip option a well for your version 4 – Keep up the great work! 😉 Jess, Denmark

  9. Thanks for the free app!

    However, I must be missing something. How is this better than just copying the folder from Minecraft saved games?

    I mention this because you store the backups in the Application Support folder. This isn’t very helpful I don’t normally backup my Library folder.

    It would help me to have a backup location option.

    • Hi there.

      The thought about backups in the library is that they’re not going to get lost or deleted by minecraft there. That’s the main reason this program exists. And while you can backup by hand it’s much more userfriendly to do this with an app 😉 BUT this is going to change in the next version (if I ever get it finished) because you’re going to have the option to backup into a folder you chose.

      Beside that, save game repair is a major concern right now. I’d like to give more options for that or really repair stuff. Not just replacing missing files.

  10. I’ve just been using a shell script to back up my save (I only use world1). Unfortunately the saves in Mincraft are ridiculous in terms of amount of files and copying on OSes with slow file I/Os (Linux) it can take quite a bit of time to copy a directory with lots of small files. So I devised this shell script that copys the save to a flash drive using star.

    # This script is published under the WTFPL
    # remove old dir
    rm -r /media/btrfsdisk/World1
    # I use star because it is supposedly faster than cp, I have no data to back it up, but it does seem faster. Also note that -no-fsync speeds copying up further by not using fsync() which is faster on systems with slow I/O.
    # user is your home directory
    star -copy -no-fsync -C /home/user/.minecraft/saves/ World1 /media/btrfsdisk/

  11. Thank the laud almighty jesus u made this. Seriouly, I wouldve been soooooo screwed. <3 you. I'll donate as soon as I get a paypal =)

  12. hi, im currently using a not-so-paid-for version of minecraft. i want to buy the game but dont want to lose my world. i see if you back up a world and then delete it that the backup is still there. i was wondering if i back up my world and then delete the game completely before buying and downloading a new one if my backups will still be stored in this application and able to be restored. my current one is Alpha but not completely up to date, i dont know if that matters.
    sorry if my question has been answered elsewhere, i looked through the comments here but didnt read through the forum.

  13. Hi, nice program!
    I want to start Minecraft from a shellscript which set the Appdata-variable. It works for Minecraft but not for Treasurechest.

  14. Hey, awesome problem. One snag though:
    I can’t backup my server because it’s not named World1-5. I have it set to World-Server so my SP doesn’t conflict or mess with it or what have you.

    I would like to have the option to be able to backup worlds that aren’t named World1/2/3/4/5. (I tried 8 and it didn’t work so I assume only 1-5 work)

    Other then that, awesome program!

  15. Erm, my computer won’t run Minecraft, and i’m having difficulty synching the files to my other computer. Help!

  16. I keep getting an error hen launching it in XP: “An exception of class OutOfBounds Exception was not handled. The application must shut down”

    Any help?

  17. Yeah, I wsa getting the OutOfBounds error upon launching.

    To fix this I opened Minecraft and created a new world called World1. It opened without issue. But it only recognized the World1 save. It appears that TreasureChest doesn’t recognise any worlds with names other than World1 through World5. Awesome program. I like the idea of a 1 click solution for deleting old and unneeded backups. Fix the issue with it not recognizing custom world names and its my backup utility of choice.

  18. This tool doesnt find worlds which are not named “World NUMBER”.
    Please allow all kinds of world names. 😉

  19. Crashes instantly on Windows XP. Useless.

  20. Can I still use Treasure Chest. I died and lost a lot of diamonds and gold so please help!

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