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A twin-stick shooter with brains.

About this project
A Game about shooting characters. More and more of them are trying to kill you. If you shoot them, you’ll get points. If you shoot them in order (aka a word) you’ll get extra points. Written for Ludum Dare #26.
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Regarding TreasureChest & NEINedit

As you can see I didn’t update both programs for a while now which means that development of both ended. For various reasons. TreasureChest ended since I didn’t have that much time in the past two years and Minecraft didn’t eat as many savegames as it did before. If that’s not enough: I ended development on OS X AND REALbasic in general. I couldn’t even build new versions if I would because my licence ended 2 years ago. NEINedit was a side project of TreasureChest and ended with it for the same reasons.

I thank everyone who downloaded and used those tools. If you like statistics: I had 37561 recorded downloads (OS X & Windows combined) for TC v3.3 and about 10€ donations (well, isn’t that a bad cut..?). NEINedit had a total of 18719. Both numbers only reflect the downloads from this website. The Rapidshare mirror had about half of these last time I checked. I can’t do that anymore since they deleted my account now.

Again: Thank you for your support in finding bugs and using my programs. Maybe there’ll be something Minecraft related in the future. Who knows 🙂


Open, Edit & Save NBT Files on Mac OS X

About this project
I wrote NEINedit because I was coding a class to read the NBT format. Since I had to read & write stuff with that class to test its function I wrote this small editor. Let’s hope this will help someone.
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TreasureChest Linux Support

Well, the version for linux is back up (see what I did here;)) again. Since I released the first version it had been a pain in the ass. Not working at all for 2 versions I finally managed to get things right this time. At least some. Continue reading


Backup & Restore Minecraft Savegames on Mac OS X, Windows & Linux (testing)

About this project
After I got tired of copying everything by hand I looked a bit jealous over to the various windows minecraft backup solutions and decided to write my own one. For Mac of course. But since some people asked it’s also available for Windows and soon for Linux.
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