A twin-stick shooter with brains.

About this project
A Game about shooting characters. More and more of them are trying to kill you. If you shoot them, you’ll get points. If you shoot them in order (aka a word) you’ll get extra points. Written for Ludum Dare #26.

Development status: Active.


System requirements

  • Java 7

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[B] Bugfix
[F] Feature
[C] Change

2013-05-01 :: v1.01
[F] New sound when an enemy is hit but not killed
[F] Logging
[F] Link to website ;)
[F] Added "pause" to the "how to play" section
[C] Bigger "safety zone" around your ship (no enemies spawn there)
[C] Arena border is back
[C] Wait for bomb to finish before using next one
[C] Enemy spawning slowed down
[C] Better word possibilities
[C] Changed kill sound (sounded too coiny)
[C] Everything in one file now
[C] Sounds converted to OGG = 1/4 Size
[C] Shooting slowed down a notch
[C] New multiplier (m) formula: m = m + (wordlength/10)
[B] Set off bomb in pause mode
[B] Enemies spawn in pause mode
[B] Enemy hitbox corrected
[B] Mean slowdowns after a couple of waves without shooting them

2013-04-29 :: v1.00
Initial Release for Ludum Dare #26